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How to remember Eva

I am amazed by this mother’s strength and I regret that I did not find her blog sooner or under better circumstances. I have discovered the blogging community to be so welcoming and supportive and want to do what I can to honor her request to remember her sweet baby.

I just wanted to pop in here quickly and say thank you. Since my last post, and Eva’s death, I have received a huge amount of support from old readers and new. I have seen tributes to Eva pop up all over the place and each of them fills me with pride that Eva touched so many lives.

Some other friends have done some fairly amazing things in Eva’s memory and I just wanted to share these too, in case anyone was interested in taking part.

I had asked for people to consider donating to the CHARGE Foundation in lieu of sending flowers, and an online friend set this up through the CHARGE Foundation website. This allows you to donate to the CHARGE Foundation in Eva’s name. The page has already raised over $1000 and it makes me so happy that Eva’s life could help other little babies and…

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