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Stuff I Love: Zipadeezip

I LOVE this!!  (Just so you know, I really do love it…this is an unpaid and unbiased review).  We discovered swaddling when Annabelle was maybe a week or two old.  Out of desperation I tried a swaddle wrap we had received at the baby shower– I thought it looked like a torture device, but it was a miracle sleep maker– who knew!  Unfortunately, Annabelle was an early roller– which meant NO MORE SWADDLING 😦 😦 😦 at 3 months.  What now?!

Stuff I Love: Zipadee-Zip

We went through a few different sleep sacks and nightgowns…but Annabelle flailed about and woke herself up repeatedly throughout the night.  Finally and luckily I read about the Zipadee-Zip online– it got great feedback, so I thought why not.  It was kind of pricey, but I bought two to try.  THANK GOODNESS!!  Zipadee-Zip had an appearance on Shark Tank just days later and sold completely out of stock.

Annabelle LOVES what we call her “starfish”– she giggles when we put it on.  We use it for both nap and night time.  If you try to put her down for a nap without it, she’s up in 20 minutes…bummer!  With her zippy, she sleeps 2-3 hours straight every day.  That’s pretty amazing.

It’s super easy to use and fits over any PJs.  Diaper changes are no problem.  It keeps her hands warm and keeps her from scratching her face (no matter how much I file them down, her nails are like claws!)  They seem pretty durable– I bought two more as soon as they got in more stock– and they’re still in good shape after 4 months.  They are sized so there is plenty of room to grow– she’s just now too big for her size small, but should be able to wear the mediums for a while.

They’re not miracle-workers (teething still equals no sleep for mommy and daddy) but they are one of the best baby purchases we have made.  If you’re struggling with a baby who won’t nap or sleep well and you can find any zippys in stock– GET ONE (or two so you have a backup).  I swear I haven’t been paid off 🙂 this is just a really great product.  Plus it was created by a husband and wife, so it’s nice to support good people and good ideas.

Happy sleeping!

Just in case you want to check them out: