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A True Comfort Blanket: Why I Support Project Linus

Annabelle fell asleep on our afternoon walk today, and looked so cute (she NEVER takes “power naps” anymore!) that I had to take a photo.  Yes, I’m that mom.  Everything the baby does is cute!  Looking back through the day’s photos on my phone (again, I’m that mom), I noticed the blanket she was wearing and began thinking of our hospital stay– an amazing, scary, and draining time– so many memories came flooding back.

This particular blanket is one of my favorites.  It is colorful, soft, and handmade– making it unique from all of the other blankets you inevitably receive with a new baby.  (Though I love them all and think you can never have too many blankets– babies are messy!)  It was given to us during our five days in the hospital while I recovered from my unplanned C-section and Annabelle underwent therapy for fairly serious jaundice.  It was wrapped in a bow and had a tag attached which showed that it came from Project Linus.

I had heard of this organization, and had assumed that the blankets were for very sick children.  Despite our traumatic birth and longer than normal in-patient status, I felt undeserving.  What’s more, I was so tired and doped-up at the time that I couldn’t really appreciate it then, so I packed in my suitcase with all of the other baby and mommy clothes that we never used that week.  (Annabelle was in a diaper only, spending 20 hours a day under her photo lamps and I was one of those horrible hospital gowns– to tired and sore to try to wear anything else.)

When we returned home, I made sure to promptly send a hand-written thank you note (I am a strong proponent of thank you notes) to the woman who had knitted the blanket.  I was grateful that Project Linus includes the donor’s name and address with the gift so I could acknowledge receiving it.  Interestingly, she lived close to my parents’ old house– where I had lived briefly upon first relocating to Texas.

Although I still feel that we might not have been the MOST deserving of such a thoughtful gift, I am filled with gratitude every time I see it.  How kind of a random stranger to take the time to create something so simple, useful, and yet beautiful for those that do not have the easy birth and short hospital visit that we all hope for.

I don’t know how to knit (and a new baby doesn’t leave much spare time to do things like that anyway), but I wanted to bring attention to such a worthwhile organization, even if only to my modest blog audience.  This year I finally get my first tax refund EVER, so what better opportunity to show my support in return for the thoughtfulness that was shown to me and my family.  I urge you to consider doing the same.

Here is Annabelle with her Project Linus Blankie: