A little bit about me

To make a long story short…

Ten years ago I was a theater major at West Virginia University, consistently ranked as the number one party school in the country.

Five years ago I was bar tending, cocktailing, living on my own, staying up as late as I wanted, and having a blast.  But something was missing…

Today I’m 30, married, with a daughter (less than 1 year) and stepdaughter (6 years) and living in the ‘burbs of Houston, TX.  My weekends definitely look a lot different these days!

I’m no expert on motherhood– I had some very well thought out plans, but my motto quickly became whatever works!  I’m here to share what DID work, what was a big fail, and what it’s like to go from party girl to working mom to housewife and everything in between.

Thanks for reading!

Stacey Garska Rodriguez aka The Soccer Mom


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