transformation tuesday

Transformation Tuesday: 2 Months til Bahamas!

At nine months postpartum I’m finally to where I feel comfortable in clothes.  However, in two months we take our first Rodriguez Family Vacation (as a foursome) to the Bahamas, which means it’s bathing suit time.

I haven’t worn a bathing suit in over two years.  My hope is to be able to wear a bikini– I know there are cute one-pieces out there, but I have a short torso and it’s not the best look for my body type.  Unfortunately, the hardest thing to get rid of is that last bit of jiggle.  (Easily camouflaged with normal clothing, impossible to hide with a bikini.)

I’m not sure how much change I can make at this point– what’s left might be stretched skin 😦  But I am going to try my hardest!  As a family we eat fairly healthy, but I don’t diet since I am still breastfeeding.  All of my weight loss has been achieved through exercise (30 minutes per day, 6 days a week.)

My goal is to be able to show a bikini pic in two months, and maybe I will anyways– stretch marks be damned!  I think at this point it is just a confidence issue– learning to accept my “tiger stripes” as I’ve seen them called and embrace my mommy body.

I’m posting this photo to show two things: (1) that with consistent effort, you can make significant change, and (2) that even after getting back close to my pre-pregnancy size, I like many other women still struggle for a positive body image.  Let’s stop being so critical of ourselves–let’s love our bodies mamas!

5 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: 2 Months til Bahamas!

  1. Andrea

    I love this! You’ve made an amazing transformation, and I love that you’ve done it on a reasonable timeline. I’m 11 months in after my 3rd, and the change is really coming slow this time; I’m sure because I’m so freaking tired! But I’m hoping to wear a bikini this summer too, so I have to get with the program!

    P.S. Wear the bikini… the first day is hardest, but once you get a little color, the tiger stripes are not so obvious 🙂


    1. Stacey aka the Soccer Mom Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement! Most people say that it’s fairly easy to “bounce back” after the first kid…my mom said it took her 2 weeks (must be nice!) when she had me and a year with my brother (her 3rd). So, you’re right on track 🙂



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