Uggs moccasins

Soccer Mom Style. The Look: Moccasins

Now that I’m just about back to pre-baby size, it’s a little more fun to get dressed.  I’ll admit that most days I’m guilty of the SAHM yoga pants uniform, but when I DO get to venture out into civilization, I try to make myself presentable.  So I thought I would occasionally share some of my must-haves or good pieces I come across.  You can trust me– I was “Best Dressed” of St. Albans High School Class of 2003, after all.

My first installment of Soccer Mom Style features something I didn’t even know I NEEDED until I opened one of my Christmas gifts from hubby: moccasins.  Specifically, these Uggs moccasins.  I LOVE Uggs.  I don’t care if they are “Uggly” (get it? haha…)  To further reassure you in my credibility, I did NOT succumb to the misguided trend of wearing Uggs boots with miniskirts– even though this was popular around the time of my reign as fashion queen of small town West Virginia.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of wearing Uggs, I will tell you they feel like putting your feet in clouds.  They are so soft and offer surprising support.  They are expensive, yes.  However, they are extremely durable, water-resistant, and I find that I more than get my money’s worth.  I bought my first pair of Ugg boots five years ago and they have made it through working behind a bar, multiple ski trips, and anything else you could probably imagine that would destroy normal shoes.

In addition to the benefits of Uggs in general, these specific moccasins are great because they are so versatile.  They can of course be worn as house shoes, but the pop of color makes them too much fun to keep at home.  I love how I can wear them with any cut of jeans.  The ones pictured are from Gap– grey skinny with a subtle floral print.  I was amazed to find these on sale for $11, normally $70.  I’m telling you, Gap has crazy sales– I’m always scouring the clearance rack shamelessly.

You don’t have to splurge on Uggs to have fun with moccasins.  I have seen tons of cute pairs that cost a fraction of the price.  I actually had another pair of $20 mocs I bought a few years ago, but they’re in no condition to photograph these days!

As a woman, obviously nothing makes you feel more attractive than a killer pair of heels, but as a mom it’s just not practical on a daily basis!  I’m all about comfort, but I haven’t totally given up yet, so I still try to find ways to have fun with fashion– even if it’s just for my Starbucks run.

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