Forget Baby Food!

This is a continuation of my previous post: Can my baby just breastfeed forever?  We had very little success with purees or store-bought baby food.  The only ones Annabelle even halfway liked were pears– but only if oven-roasted (read: labor and time intensive).  Everything else she would just push away after a few half-hearted bites.  Some were met with visible disdain (sweet potatoes) and disgust (avocados).  For all the work it took to make our own baby food, it seemed like a waste.  Would she ever want to eat solids?  What was I doing wrong?

A couple weeks ago at lunch, Mateo despite my protests (no, too salty! she’s not ready!) gave Annabelle a taste of miso soup.  She LOVED it.  As in would YELL if she did not get another slurp fast enough.  The next day he gave her a piece of (gasp!) bar-b-que chicken.  Another hit.  I don’t know why I thought that my smart little baby couldn’t figure out how to do more than swallow dribbles of pulverized plain fruits and vegetables, but she definitely was into the eating thing–if given the right options.  Now, if you try to give her “baby” food, I swear she rolls her eyes and gives you a look like, “Ugh, what do you think I am, a BABY?”

We, even this worried over-protective mom, have abandoned purees.  Broccoli spears from one of Mateo’s amazing stir-frys kept her happily busy for twenty minutes.  Salmon (with a lemon, tomato, and leek sauce– recipe coming soon!) was the biggest hit of all.  She ate at least an ounce and a half or two ounces.  Turns out my baby can EAT!

The biggest surprise has been that as she eats more “grown-up food,” she actually nurses less.  That caught me off-guard.  Her pre-nap and pre-bed feeds are still as substantial as before, but now it seems like she more-so snacks during the rest of the day.  The idea of weaning just baffled me before.  People told more over and over that it would “work itself out,” that as she ate more real food, she would naturally just nurse less on her own.  I couldn’t understand.  But here we are at nine months and it’s happening right before my eyes.  I just had to trust the process and trust that my baby would do what she is supposed to.  She amazes me everyday at how fast she learns and grows.

2 thoughts on “Forget Baby Food!

  1. Step-Mom Mediator

    Our daughter was eating what we ate at 9 months, even steak (if tender enough) and never really cared for baby food either…once I got over the fear of her choking it was awesome and MUCH easier! Congrats on your little person’s latest milestone!!!



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