My first Pinterest project

I just joined Pinterest last week– I know, I know, I’m REALLY late to the Pinterest party!  I kept hearing people saying things like: “I found it on Pinterest!” so I figured I should see what it’s all about.  I’m still figuring it all out, so feel free to let me know any hints or pointers to make my page/boards better:

Anyhow, I tried out my first Pinterest idea yesterday.  Just browsing through “home organization ideas,” (getting rid of clutter is my daily struggle…I live with borderline hoarders) I saw a pin that suggested switching unsightly dish soap bottles with olive oil dispensers.  And you know what?  I actually had a spare olive oil dispenser just laying around begging to be used (we cook mainly with coconut oil).

It had appeared in our home as an un-marked wedding gift that still bore it’s $4.99 price tag.  I laughed when I opened it and tossed it in the cabinet with other junk bottles that I hoped someday might find use.  Now here I was, running to the kitchen and gleefully grabbing it out of its dark hiding place and sighing happily when the price stickers peeled off easily.  I squirted bright blue soap into the dispenser and put it where the ugly plastic bottle used to sit.  I liked what I saw.  So much so that I grabbed a couple small Fiesta bowls from the cupboard to hold the sponges and wire scrubber.  I mean, I couldn’t have them just laying around looking a mess now.

I proudly showed my more refined looking sink to anyone who would listen (aka my husband and my mom).  I am already one of THOSE people– making their lives better (or at least keeping themselves busy) with Pinterest.  I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve that I hope to try in the new future– I’ll keep you posted if any of them turn out to be super cool– and I’ll pin them 😉

4 thoughts on “My first Pinterest project

  1. akw62307

    Pinterest is AMAZING! I’m crazy addicted! We’ve found some new amazing dinner ideas and it’s helped me come up with some new healthy options as well. I’m a crafty person too so I’m always finding inspiration for projects! I know you’ll find a lot of great tips for home organization on there!

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  2. aplushousewife

    Looks great! I love Pinterest, especially when projects turn out like you’re hoping!

    I use a little bucket I found at the dollar store to throw the sink plugs and sponges in. It helps keep the sink clutter free!



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