I finally thought I would participate in #TransformationTuesday.  For those of you unfamiliar, every day of the week has been given a hashtag on social media so people have an excuse to post pictures of themselves.  In this instance, the objective is to post two comparative photos which show a body transformation, usually weight loss, makeover, etc.

The photo on the left is me at 39 weeks pregnant and 45 pounds heavier than ever before.  The photo on the right is today– a week shy of 9 months later.  We’ve all heard the saying “Nine months on, nine months off,” regarding the baby belly.  In my case that couldn’t have been more true.  I have literally just within the past couple weeks gotten back within range of my pre-baby size.  If any of you have read my previous post (It HAS to be hard), then you know it was tough WORK.  I have been fit and active my whole life, so I just assumed that because of my healthy lifestyle, the pounds would just melt off as soon as I popped out the baby.  Nope.  It took dedication to a workout regimen (as soon as I was physically able) and balanced eating (no dieting with breastfeeding).

The other part of the struggle was mental.  It’s a major shock to see your once smooth stomach wiggly and riddled with stretch marks.  (That was a surprise…my stretch marks weren’t visible until after delivery).  There were many days I actually avoided the mirror because I didn’t want to see my body that way– the pooch, the scar, the loose skin.  Sadly, I told myself that my body would never look the same again– it just couldn’t be possible with that much “damage.”

And maybe it won’t ever look exactly the same.  But that’s ok.  I grew a baby!!  And you know what– I’m actually proud of my body.  I sacrificed so much to bring Annabelle into the world, and I worked so hard to get back in shape.  Why wouldn’t I want to show the results of my dedication?  Why should I be ashamed that I don’t look like an 18 year old on spring break?

I’ve never done #TransformationTuesday before, but I did it today because I want to encourage others not to give up on “getting their body back.”  No, I won’t tell you that everything will snap back and be perfect again (except for you lucky few!).  BUT if you commit to putting in the time (all I can do is 30 minutes a day…so you don’t have to slave away for hours at the gym) and make YOU a priority, you can have a body that you are comfortable with, dare I say proud of!

I’m about to go walk to pick up big sis from school– we are blessed with beautiful weather this week in Texas, so maybe we will take a family walk later this afternoon.  I fit in any extra activity where I can, and I get the family involved.  Last night while I exercised, the whole family was in the room with me, cheering me on.  Literally.  (Ok it was a little distracting haha, but they meant well.)  Mom has to feel good to take good care of everyone.  You worked so hard to create, nurture, and grow these babies, so you DO deserve to spend time on yourself…even just a little.  Happy #TransformationTuesday everyone!

Fitness motivation yoga balance pose

(Yes that’s me! At one point after surgery I wondered if I would ever be able to do some of my favorite poses again!)

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