Can my baby just breastfeed forever?

Did I just say that??  Ok…I don’t really mean it, but baby food is just so intimidating at first!!  I put off feeding “solids” as long as I could.  I don’t know why, but as the time crept near, I got scared…or maybe it was just a little sadness that she was growing up.  The general consensus is 6 months before you give anything besides breastmilk or formula.  So I had that going for me.  Matt’s mom started talking about juices and broths around 4 months, but I was able to hold her off (I’m sure she was just excited) by using our pediatrician as an excuse.  Plus, juice and broth is not really the best thing for a baby I’m sure.

Our wedding day was on Annabelle’s 6 month birthday, so I definitely wanted to wait until after that– didn’t want an upset tummy or allergic reaction on the big day!   A week later I decided to go for it.  But I wasn’t sure what to start with.  The pediatrician said cereal, but I was hesitant to feed her empty carbs as opposed to nutritious (and tasty) fruits & veggies.  (I think our pediatrician is pretty old school, but insurance doesn’t always give you a lot of choices!)  Plus, friends who were a few months ahead of us said cereals were a recipe for constipation– we definitely don’t have that problem and I didn’t want to create an issue where one didn’t exist.

I finally settled on bananas– seemed safe.  Matt wants to make all of our own baby food, so I mushed up some bananas with breastmilk and we gave it a go.  Annabelle rarely makes it obvious that she enjoys something (food wise), but as I later learned, she makes it VERY obvious when she doesn’t like something.  So bananas were a hit.  She ate the whole little bowl I made.  We stuck with that for a couple days before moving on to applesauce.  Ok, but not as good as bananas.  Then it was avocados– babies like avocados they say…

NO.  See photo above.

Here are what we have tried so far:

Bananas: YUM!

Apples: Pretty good.

Roasted Pears: Super Yum!

Regular Pears: Ok.

Organic Puffs: Like!

Avocado: HELL NO!!!

Carrots: Eh.

Sweet Potato: No thank you.

Kombacha Squash (kind of like acorn squash): Nah.

Teething Biscuits: Solid choice mom.  I can hold this, play with it, and chew on it at my leisure.

Limes: Strangely addictive…

Seriously…I can’t believe my baby likes to suck on sour limes.

Feel free to share your baby’s favorites in the comments…I’d love some new ideas!

4 thoughts on “Can my baby just breastfeed forever?

  1. Tara Flores

    We are just starting the solids and I started with rice cereal mixed with breast milk because I was concerned about keeping his tummy full through the night. Needless to say – it did not help. I am making his food as well and we just started avacadoes (eh) and bananas (yum!) but have noticed bananas give him stinky toots…lol!!


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