She won’t need mommy as much anymore

The past couple weeks have been a struggle with sleep deprivation.  The baby is cutting four teeth and is obviously feeling some discomfort– most noticeably at night (daytime activities must be exciting enough to distract her).  Just last month we were almost sleeping through the night and mom and dad were finally starting to feel normal again.  Now we (well, mostly I) am up every two hours to comfort her back to sleep.  Many times the only thing that will calm her is “mommy time” aka boobs.  I know she can’t help it, but it’s still so tough dragging myself out of my warm bed for the third time each night.  If I let her “cry it out” we risk waking up big sis…not worth it to have two kids up at 3am.

A former work colleague of mine (before we both quit that soul-sucking place) told me about how he used to rock his daughter to sleep in the middle of the night after his wife finished feeding.  He told me how exhausting it was, but that he really cherished that hour each night because he knew that all too soon it would be over.

That really stuck with me– and I find that in this situation now, I feel the same.  As tired as I am, my heart melts every time I see her toothy grin peeking through the crib bars, so happy to see me.

When I first pick her up and catch a wisp of that sweet baby smell.

The way she gets heavier in my arms as her tummy gets full.  Her eyes slowly close.

The way she rests her head on my shoulder while I burp her, utterly content.

In these little moments, when the house is dark and quiet, she needs mommy, only mommy.  One day, all too soon, she won’t need mommy as much anymore.  I’ll have my sleep back, but I know a part of me will mourn this time, this precious short time that only she and I share.

3 thoughts on “She won’t need mommy as much anymore

  1. leighleighspeaks

    My baby is now 5 and although she still needs Mommy she is also very much grown up in her diva 12 yr old mind set! I just recently blogged about saying good bye to being a mom of a preschool! Such a hard thing for me right now! Loved this, it reminded me of when mine were babies! Enjoy it, goes by way too fast! Baby smell is the best!!! 🙂


    1. stacey Post author

      Read your post– I can’t believe you have fostered 18 kids– that is amazing!! I think it would be so hard to say goodbye, but hopefully you have made a difference in their lives. Thanks for all your positive comments!


  2. leighleighspeaks

    Thank your for the blog follow!
    Your welcome.
    Yes it is and was very difficult, but this is where my faith comes in. I prayed for each child before they entered my home, while they were with us, and now asking his Will be done in their lives and protection over them. I trust they are all safe ans happy but I do miss them all and think of them often! 🙂



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