The perfect egg

It’s no secret that I am not a natural in the kitchen.  This is definitely the one area of wifedom & motherhood where I fail…majorly.  So much so that I rarely even make an attempt.  Is it any wonder that I married an amazing amateur chef? 😉

The first time my future husband invited me to his house he prepared a feast: fajitas, tostadas, beans, homemade salsa, guacamole.  He might have won me over right there.  The first time I invited him to my house I whipped up some pad thai…and he choked down the chewy, almost inedible noodles with a smile (he was still trying to be polite and impress me– he later confessed how terrible they were).  After the pad thai debacle I didn’t cook again for him for years.  Literally.

Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom I feel like it’s part of the job description to at least try occasionally.  Over Christmas break I made french toast a few times (both Lilu and I agree that my french toast is superior…a small victory!)  I even made over easy eggs once and managed not to break the yolks.

Unfortunately I think my french toast success over-inflated my confidence in the culinary arts.  Today I thought I would let my hard-working hubby sleep in and make a healthy sweet potato hash with fried eggs.  The eggs were a cinch last week, so I expected a repeat performance.

Nope.  Every single yolk broke.  The pan tilted and the whites all ran together.  I put the rejects on a plate off to the side and cracked some new eggs.  Fail. Again.  I was about to just give up and scramble everything together when hubby rubbed the sleep from his eyes and swooped in to grab the spatula and save breakfast.

Down, but not out!  I will someday achieve the perfect egg once more.  Until then, I’ll enjoy eating instead!  (PS- the egg in the picture is definitely NOT mine!)

7 thoughts on “The perfect egg

        1. stacey Post author

          Migas are SUPER easy– if I can do it anyone can! Here’s the recipe I made this last time. I’ve also used leeks instead of onions and spinach instead of tomatoes just to mix it up.

          1. Dice half of an onion and sweat in a skillet with 1TB coconut oil until soft. Set aside.
          2. Cut a stack of small corn tortillas (maybe 8 of them) into small pieces (1 inch squares/triangles)
          3. Sautee tortillas in 1-2TB (as much as needed) coconut oil until they crisp up. Set aside.
          4. Cut a couple handfuls of grape tomatoes in half, sautee until they start to blister and barely blacken. Set aside.
          5. Scramble 10 eggs and cook until almost done.
          6. While still slightly runny, add onions, tortillas, and tomatoes and fold together.

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  1. Tara Flores

    us and our Mexicans 🙂 I am like you – I am no whip in the kitchen. But after 12 years together Israel has taught me so much about cooking. I have quite a few rotating yummy dinners now and am not afraid to try new recipes (usually my boys are nice enough – and hungry enough – to smile through it, at least the first time). It really does take practice…..



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