YOU are the perfect mom.

Today my mom, my stepdaughter and I were sitting around the table playing with Kinetic Sand (cool stuff btw if you’re looking for an easy-to-clean kid activity).  In conversation, I said “it’s not like I’m the perfect mom or anything.”  Without hesitation, 6 year old Lilu piped up: “but Stacey, you ARE the perfect mom.”  It really caught me off guard– it was so genuine and so unexpected.

It made me think– I AM the perfect mom.  YOU are the perfect mom.  Even if your kid doesn’t consciously say it, it’s because they inherently know it.  You are the perfect mom because you are THEIR mom.  Every day you do the best you can to teach, entertain, love, and protect.  From the moment you wake up until you (finally!) lie down to sleep, your life revolves around these little people.  You might not think so, but just as you love them more than they will ever know, they appreciate you more than you will ever realize.

So on those tough days where big sis is tired and moody after a long day at school, and the baby cries for hours because her new teeth hurt, and the house is a mess, and you feel like you just barely made it until bedtime without locking yourself in the bedroom and hiding– just remember– YOU are the PERFECT mom, and that is the best compliment you can ever receive.

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